Who are the Tour de France commentators?

Find out who's behind the mic and reporting on the ground for the respective Tour de France broadcasters

The Tour de France is cycling’s biggest event and transcends the everyday fans of the sport to reach millions of people across the world. And because of this heightened level of interest, TV channels up their coverage, providing start-to-finish live coverage as well as in-depth pre- and post-show talks, highlights, and analysis. 

So, with every one tuning in for a glimpse of the action, recruiting the top sport’s commentators and pundits to scrutinise the goings on in the race is an important job for the TV bosses. So, who are the people behind the voices we hear every day for five hours a day? We take a look at some of the commentators for this year’s race.

ITV Tour de France commentators

ITV has been a long-time broadcaster of the Tour de France on free-to-air television in the UK, and their line-up of commentators has been set for some time. Commentary veteran Phil Liggett and the late Paul Sherwen provided commentary from a US feed up until 2016, when ITV brought in their own commentators. Journalist (and Rouleur columnist) Ned Boulting took over the mic along with former British pro and four-time Tour de France stage winner David Millar, and the pair have been working on the Tour for ITV ever since. Presenter Gary Imlach hosts ITV’s highlights show for each stage, who started his 35th Tour de France this year.

David MillarDavid Millar provides analysis commentary for ITV (Getty Images)

Eurosport/Discovery+ Tour de France commentators

In the commentary box for Discovery+/Europort is commentator and author Carlton Kirby, who has been on Eurosport's cycling coverage for a very long time, and shares the lead commentary duty with another long-time Eurosport commentator Rob Hatch, interchanging throughout the day. They are also joined by four-time green jersey winner Sean Kelly, 12-time stage winner Robbie McEwen, and former British champion Adam Blythe. There's also the voice of Jonathan Harris-Bass (@jhbfoodiecyclist) from HQ to talk about food and other stuff when the action lulls.

The analysis show titled The Breakaway either side of the race is hosted by journalist and presenter (and Rouleur columnist) Orla Chennaoui. She is joined every day by McEwen, Blythe, and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Dani Rowe in the studio to discuss the daily happenings.

On the ground at the race, former pro Hannah Walker and Anders Mieke, interview riders before and after each stage. On the back of the motorbike, following the peloton is Grand Tour stage winner Jens Voigt, former pro Matt Stephens, and Blythe, at different points in the three-week race.

NBC Sports Tour de France commentators 

Phil Liggett and Bob Roll NBCPhil Liggett and Bob Roll host the NBC cycling coverage for the Tour de France (Getty Images)

Over in the US, British commentator and journalist Phil Liggett is covering his 52nd edition of the Tour de France, having first travelled to the Tour in 1973. He's joined by former US pro Bob Roll on co-comms, with NBC journalist Steve Porino and former South African pro (and Tour de France stage winner) Robbie Hunter reporting from the ground.

As well as hosting wall-to-wall coverage, NBC also has analysis programmes for each stage, with retired US pro and Vuelta a España winner Chris Horner joined by another retired American pro, Christian Vande Velde, to provide expert insight. Presenter Paul Burmeister hosts the pre- and post-race shows.

Paul Burmeister will host daily pre-race and post-race studio coverage alongside Brent Bookwalter and Tejay van Garderen, who is making his NBC Sports debut as a Tour de France analyst.

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