Rouleur podcast: The Cervélo story

The Rouleur team are joined by Phil White, co-founder of Cervélo with Gerard Vroomen, and his wife Anna Dopico – who’s written a book called To Make Riders Faster about the company’s remarkable story.

Phil and fellow engineering student Vroomen started Cervélo in a basement and it grew into one of the most respected brands in cycling. But the pressures of running a rapidly expanding business, financial crises and the – possibly unwise – decision to run their own pro team, led the founders to sell the company. Phil and Anna remember the highs and lows.

Plus, which company is making its tyres out of dandelions – and why? And what happened when Stuart Clapp tried to put a cyclist on a thoroughbred racehorse. Spoiler: it didn’t end well.

WARNING: There’s some strong language in this edition, mostly from the presenter, Ian Parkinson. But Stuart joins in as well. You can take the boy out of Essex….

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