Grow and manage our community of subscribers across a vibrant, growing business in the cycling/outdoor industry.

Key duties:


  • Enhance the brand experience for customers while creating sales growth
  • Use content assets to acquire new subscribers
  • Manage digital marketing channels (email, social, Google etc) with a data-led strategy, in partnership with our Data Analyst
  • Reduce subscriber churn
  • Optimise and automate customer communications
  • Produce regular quantitative report on key customer metrics using Google Analytics, SEM Rush and other tools
  • Proactively find solutions for service/system failure points
  • Create and manage partnerships with industry brands and bodies to increase Rouleur's reach and increase acquisition
  • Build relationships with retailers to improve our reach
  • Improve the efficiency of Rouleur's customer journey

 Customer Services

  • Be first port of call for all inbound subscription customer contacts
  • Use customer services logging/management system (Freshdesk)
  • Monitor social media for enquiries/problems and respond
  • Liaise with ecommerce staff to ensure good service for ecommerce customers
  • Ensure replacement magazines and sample copies are sent out from the warehouse
  • Manage refunds/discounts etc

 Gatekeeper of customer data

  • Ensure amends/deletions of customer data are actioned
  • Maintain a view across all data sources
  • Identify and establish new customer segments and offerings

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to

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About Rouleur

Rouleur is an independent publication that prides itself on a progressive stance toward cycling – championing gender and diversity issues in the sport, and gaining national press recognition for our 2021 Women’s Issue.

Print is at the heart of what Rouleur does, and all members of the editorial team contribute to Rouleur’s print offering. We are a highly collaborative team, with editorial staff members in the UK, Spain and Italy, offering unique opportunities to develop relationships across European brands.

Rouleur is a small team that has grown substantially over the last 16 months, and with huge opportunities for growth across different areas of the business, the successful candidate will have the chance to help shape the vision of how Rouleur becomes a more digital and more international brand.

With world-class content at the heart of all of our marketing, e-commerce and commercial offerings, we encourage creativity across the entire business, and expect staff to help bring unique ideas, experiences and insights into every aspect of what we do.

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to