Terms and Conditions

Awareness of Risk

I acknowledge and fully comprehend the nature of the activities I've chosen to engage in, confirming that I am physically and mentally capable of executing the necessary actions to ensure my safety during these activities. I understand and accept that the activities I will participate in, under the arrangements of Rouleur Travel, its employees, agents, and associates, involve inherent risks common to outdoor endeavors, such as walking, hiking on mountain trails, general outdoor activities, and travel by train, bus, funicular, and aerial tram. These activities also encompass the potential for serious bodily injuries, including permanent disability, paralysis, and death. These risks can arise from various causes, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, including my own actions or inactions, as well as the actions or inactions of other participants and Rouleur Travel's staff members. Any decisions made by guides, affiliates, or employees of Rouleur Travel are considered part of the risks associated with the activities mentioned above. Additionally, I understand that there may be other unforeseen risks and potential economic or social losses. I wholeheartedly accept all such risks and responsibilities, including costs, damages, and losses that may be incurred due to my participation in these activities.

Medical Considerations

If you have any medical or psychological conditions, it is essential to inform us well in advance of your departure to ensure necessary accommodations can be made if required. Rouleur Travel and its guides have the prerogative to disqualify any trip member at any point during the journey if they deem the individual mentally or physically incapable of continuing or if a trip member's continued participation endangers the group's or their own safety. Please note that Rouleur Travel is not a medical facility, and thus assumes no responsibility concerning medical advice, medications, or inoculations that you or your physician may consider necessary for your safe participation. Hospital facilities for severe medical problems may be limited or absent, and emergency evacuation can be protracted, arduous, and expensive. Rouleur Travel does not accept liability for the provision of medical care. By registering for your trip and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you consent to cover the costs of emergency evacuation and emergency medical care.

Your Obligations as a Trip Member

As a participant in a Rouleur Travel trip, you assume specific obligations towards Rouleur Travel and fellow trip members. These include:

- Understanding the implied conditions in the Activity Level rating of your selected trip.

- Selecting a trip that aligns with your interests and abilities.

- Familiarizing yourself with the trip itinerary and preparation materials provided by Rouleur Travel.

- Ensuring you bring appropriate gear and clothing as advised by Rouleur Travel.

- Maintaining considerate standards of personal hygiene to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

- Exhibiting considerate social behaviour towards fellow trip participants, respecting their habits.

- Treating the areas we travel through with care by using environmentally safe products, adhering to established travel routes, and not littering.

- Abiding by instructions, rules, and outdoor ethics communicated by Rouleur Travel staff and affiliates.

- Rouleur Travel reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a tour participant if such person's behaviour, health, or mental condition obstructs the operation of the trip.

Our Legal Limitations—Please Read Carefully

Rouleur Travel may engage independent contractors to provide transportation, guide services, and other related travel services. We assume no responsibility for injury, loss, or damage to persons or property in connection with any service provided by an independent contractor or resulting from Acts of God, detention, annoyance, terrorism, theft, pilferage, force majeure, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, strikes, delays, and expenses arising from quarantine, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, discrepancies or changes in transit or hotel services over which we have no control. We retain the right to make reasonable changes in the itinerary as deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of trip members. By accepting these Terms and Conditions and registering for a Rouleur Travel trip, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined above.


I hereby release and absolve Rouleur Travel, its owners, staff members, affiliates, agents, and employees, as well as their successors and assigns, from any and all liabilities, claims, suits, actions, or damages (including attorneys' fees and disbursements) incurred by me resulting from my participation in activities under the direction of Rouleur Travel, including but not limited to property damage, personal injuries, or wrongful death. This release extends to my heirs, assigns, and agents.

Medical Release

In case of an emergency, I grant permission for any medical treatment provided by Rouleur Travel, its employees, agents, and associates, which may be deemed necessary. I authorize the activity leader to secure medical advice and services as required for my health and safety, releasing all medical information deemed necessary to any medical provider. I further agree to accept financial responsibility for any medical treatment. Please note that hospital facilities, qualified medical care, and emergency medical evacuation may be limited or unavailable during parts of the trip, and when available, such services can be costly. Rouleur Travel bears no responsibility for providing medical care during the trip, and I will be responsible for any incurred medical care expenses and/or evacuations. In consideration of the permission to participate in the trip, I agree to the terms outlined in this document.


I agree to indemnify and hold Rouleur Travel harmless for any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage, or cost incurred by Rouleur Travel due to any claim that may arise as a result of my actions, to the fullest extent permitted by the law. This release encompasses claims for negligence by the Released Parties and claims for strict liability related to abnormally dangerous activities. This release does not cover claims for gross negligence, intentional or reckless misconduct, or any other liabilities that may not be released under Utah law. I also agree not to sue or make claims against the Released Parties for death, injuries, loss, or harm that may occur during the trip.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than 90 days before departure are refundable, subject to a £200 per person service fee. Cancellations made between 90 and 45 days prior to departure are subject to a £1000 per person cancellation penalty. Cancellations made fewer than 45 days before departure are non-refundable. Changes made en route are subject to a service fee. Cancellation of individual room nights or non-use of prepaid meals is not refundable. Prepaid train tickets, excursions, and hotel nights are subject to additional penalties. Transportation vouchers and rail passes are bearer documents and cannot be refunded if lost or stolen. A trip date change will incur a £100 service fee.

Final payment for your trip is due 90 days before your trip departure. If payment has not been made by this date, we reserve the right to cancel your trip reservations.

If a guided tour does not meet the required minimum number of participants, we reserve the right to cancel the trip 90 days prior to departure. In that case, we will fully refund any payments made to Rouleur Travel.

If the number of guests in the private group changes before final payment, the tour price for all guests will be adjusted accordingly. Once all final payments are made, the guest cancelling would be responsible for their own cancellation fees plus the increased cost to

 the remaining passengers. If a cancellation results in a passenger in a single room, a single room supplemental charge will be deducted from any refund due to the cancelling guest. We do not issue refunds for any activities, meals, accommodations, or other features included in a guided trip that you may choose not to use.

This is a Legal Binding Contract

I have read and fully understand this agreement, am aware of its content and context, and recognize it as a legal contract and a release of liability. In submitting this tour reservation form of my own free will, I agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. (If the participant is under 18, the signature of the parent or guardian below indicates their agreement to the above conditions.)