What’s in the next issue? 18.2 goes big on the Classics

Fabian Cancellara: Trouble in Paradise

Morten Okbo and Paolo Ciaberta 

“The conversation is honest. Therefore it is an embarrassment. I’m embarrassed by some of the shit I say, and Fabian might feel the same about himself. It’s even a little dumb or unimaginative at times. But we do our best as a couple of strangers, and we get to laugh, and we get to be serious, and because I am curious about him, he gets curious about me. He talks about his successes and about his failures, both as an athlete and as a man. He goes from public to private, and it’s… well, it’s just remarkable to witness.”

Lizzie Armitstead

Hands in the air, like you just don’t care

Paul Maunder

One finger, two hands, mouth covered, or even a pistol? Victory celebrations deconstructed

Greg Van Avermaet

5 Hours, 41 Minutes, 7 Seconds

Ian Cleverly, David Powell and Pauline Ballet 

Greg Van Avermaet recounts his record-breaking Paris-Roubaix ride from dawn till dusk

Paris Roubaix - David Powell

Are You Being Serviced?

Andy McGrath and David Powell 

Paris-Roubaix is never mellow for the fellas in yellow. Pounding the pavé with Mavic, pro cycling’s quick fixers

British Cycling Manchester United?

Ian Cleverly and Russ Ellis

As British Cycling’s new batch of hopefuls enter the medal factory, we see how the embattled organisation is treating its latest recruits

Tour Flanders - Jakob Sorensen

Flanders Finest 

Our photographers choose their personal favourite images from the Ronde van Vlaanderen

Factor bikes


Seven stunners shot in London town at the Rouleur Classic

Plus columns from Philippa York, Matt Seaton and John Degenkolb

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