The Knowledge: Marco Haller’s sporting life

Football is a big thing for me and I am a really big sports fan in general. I try to see my local ice hockey team every time I am home. And I’m a massive Arsenal fan. I haven’t often been to the Emirates Stadium, but travelled to Bulgaria to watch them play Ludogorets Razgrad in the Champions League – a super-nice experience. As a young kid, you start doing what your big brother is doing, and this was supporting Arsenal. So I made it my passion too.

I used to do ice hockey and alpine ski racing in winter, and football and cycling in summer. Then there came a point when my parents said: “Look boys, we don’t enough time or money!” So we stripped it down to cycling and ice hockey. When I was 14, I put all my focus on cycling only, and it worked out.

I used to do a lot of cross-country skiing in winter, which is very good to get you fit for the road season. Unfortunately, the season is too long now – from January to October – so there is no time, even though I would love to do it. It is getting more and more specialised. Cycling comes from cycling, as they say.

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The article first appeared in Rouleur 19.4


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