Rouleur predicts... Giro d'Italia 2020, Stage 1

What's the only thing better than an uphill time trial? A downhill one. Can we predict the Giro as well as we did Le Tour? Only one way to find out...


A club 10-length downhill time trial to kick off the 103rd Giro d'Italia? That's one way to take the attention of the new EF aesthetic. Just keep your hands on your bars and don't blow your nose, eh lads.

La Corsa Rosa is more than making up for the lack of TT miles at Le Tour. Today's is the first of three, totaling 65km, and the specialists are primed. But which of them do our four panelists think stands the best chance? Can anyone beat the World Champ?


Ian Cleverly
Filippo Ganna - Ineos Grenadiers
Sorry it’s such an obvious pick, but I can’t see anyone beating the new world champion. It’s going to be a pink jersey for the homeboy on the first day.

Nick Christian
Rohan Dennis - Ineos Grenadiers
It'll be Ganna, won't it? But what if it's not? It'll be his team-mate. And if it's not him, it'll be the other one. Whichever way you cook it, there'll be an Ineos rider in pink on Sunday.

Olivia Kaferly
Filippo Ganna - Ineos Grenadiers 
It will be thrilling to see the Italian as the new Time Trial World Champion racing the Giro. The TT course is pretty unusual, and even though he is a big guy, I expect Ganna will be well able to handle that early climb. He looks so good on his TT Pinarello, really living up to all the marketing speak of being at one with the bike. Most of us aren’t; Ganna certainly is.

Miles Baker Clarke
Geraint Thomas - Ineos Grenadiers
It doesn't take a genius to figure out the favourites for today, but lead mostly by heart and very little by head, I'm plumping for Geraint Thomas. The Welshman has a proven TT record and judging by his slightly undercooked Worlds performance, I'm betting he'll be just right by the time he rolls down the ramp.




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