Rouleur podcast: Greg LeMond

“Jean de Gribaldy said no sex for two weeks before a one-day race, no sex four weeks before a big tour, so you never had sex! There was that fear that is would take energy away from the riders.”

We were honoured and delighted to have Greg and Kathy LeMond as our special guests for the entirety of the Rouleur Classic. They were both on absolutely sparkling form throughout the three days of the show, and we are truly indebted.

Hear from the LeMonds on coming to Europe as young Americans and shaking up the traditions of a staid sport, steeped in tradition and superstition. From eating pizza to playing golf to million-dollar contracts to what went on – or not – in the bedroom, Greg and Kathy questioned every silly rule in the book and won.

Greg also tells us how he hid the severity of his near-death hunting accident in 1987 to protect his job and family – remarkably coming back to win two more Tours de France to add to his 1986 title.

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