Rouleur cover stories: issue 18.7 by Wilfrid Wood

“I did graphic design at college, then did odd and sods in graphics but didn’t enjoy it. Spitting Image came along in the early ‘90s and I went there as a kind of apprentice. It was hilarious, very pressurised. It was on TV for 13 years and I was there at the end of it, but it gave me a taste for making things and having fun whilst working.

“I made mainly dogs, pigs, fish – things like that. But I did a puppet of Rolf Harris. He was actually cut up from different bits of other latex heads. Occasionally they would need a puppet for the next day, so we’d cut up, say, the pope, Margaret Thatcher and Neil Kinnock, then you’d end up with something that looks like Rolf Harris…

“My Bryan Ferry sculpture is inspired by the video from Same Old Scene, which is a song I particularly like, and he moves his hands in a peculiar way, clenches his teeth, and narrows his eyes. It is strange but somehow brilliant.

Peter Sagan is a not a well-known face to me, so I watched the videos to get a feel for what he is like. He is obviously quite smiley, a fun character – not a dreary cyclist. I wanted to get a bit of cheekiness in the sculpture.”

Issue 18.7, starring Peter Sagan, Maurizio Fondriest, Philippa York at the Women’s Tour, SRAM, Eddie Dunbar and Danish cyclo-cross. On sale October 16th.

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