Desire at the Rouleur Classic: Technological wonders from POC

Despite only being founded in 2005 POC sports are pretty established in our minds as one of the most interesting brands in cycle sport. They’re a company that does things differently, without seeking to disrupt for the sake of it. When they come out with something new, you can have confidence that whatever clever thing it does, it does for a reason.

Three of their latest releases, which have recently caught our eye, meet those expectations and then some. Firstly there’s the SPIN NFC. A simple yet inspired update to their popular Ventral and Tectal lines, the helmet is embedded with a chip containing your ICE (in case of emergency) information. This allows medical professionals to acquire all the information needed by simply scanning it with a smartphone. It means your helmet can speak for you in any unfortunate instance where you’re unable to speak for yourself.


Then there’s the Aspire Solar Switch sunglasses range. An “electrochromic LCD lens” allows the shades to instantly, and automatically, change tint. Sunnier weather will give you a darker tint, while the shade will lighten should you find yourself in shadow or cloudier conditions.



Lastly we have the W’s Ultimate VPDs bib shorts. The brand new advanced strap design means they can be pulled down during stops without needing to remove the suspenders. This provides women with, they say, “the ultimate speed, flexibility and comfort for essential mid-ride/race toilet breaks.”


We’re excited to see them all at the Rouleur Classic 2019.


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