New Cipollini 780g Dolomia: First Look

Cipollini’s new all-round endurance bike, the Dolomia, is the brand’s lightest yet

Cipollini’s new Dolomia frame is a leap forward for the Italian brand – showcasing full cable integration, wide tyre clearance and the lightest disc-brake frame Cipollini has ever made.

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The Dolomia, originally unveiled in September, cuts a more understated figure than the likes of the brand’s iconic NK1K, but features some impressive steps forward in performance. 


Integration and Versatility

Front and centre is the complete integration of cabling, where the gear and brake cables are completely hidden from the wind. That will offer some considerable aerodynamic gains, though Cipollini hasn’t prioritise aerodynamics. For most, the benefits in terms of aesthetics will be the greater lure. 

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While Cipollini was not particularly trapped in the past, the brand has kept its mind open toward continuing to use rim brakes. The Dolomia, however, has been unveiled exclusively in disc brake form, suggesting an acceptance of ever-growing dominance of discs.

That said, Cipollini has hinted at an upcoming super light rim brake version in his IGTV video showcasing the bike.

The integration of disc brakes has also meant the opportunity to expand the tyre clearance, with Cipollini officially stating that the Dolomia can handle 29mm tyres, meaning some rim and tyre combinations could probably offer 30mm compatibility.

While the light weight, wide tyre clearance and disc brake compatibility will lend itself well to sportive riders, the Dolomia will also be put through its paces in the pro ranks by Cipollini’s own women’s team Alè Btc Ljubljana.

Monocoque frame

The frame itself comes in at an impressive 780g, and has been made as a monocoque carbon construction using a 3k weave. That’s accompanied by a relatively svelte 370g fork.

While ‘monocoque’ is often used to describe carbon bikes that have had several pre-formed pieces bonded together, in Cipollini’s case the term is actually being used correctly, as the entire frame has been moulded in one piece and not a single bond has been used. Hence Cipollini’s use of the acronym TCM (True Carbon Monocoque).

In a nod to traditional Cipollini aesthetics, the frame showcases some visible multi-directional carbon weave beneath its clear-coat exterior.

The geometry reflects a commitment to Cipollini’s traditionally sharp handling and aggressively fast frames – with a 159mm headtube for a 565mm tip tube frame, coupled with a tight rear end, using 410mm set of chainstays.

The bike will be available in five sizes, and can be customised within Cipollini’s configurator platform.

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