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Rouleur picks - home | The best accessory you didn’t know you needed

The big corkscrew from Campagnolo is about as iconic as their track chainsets, but way more useful. As a tool for opening fine wine, it is both ostentatious and practical while also guaranteeing oohs and aahs from your dinner guests. Better still, it’s now available in two chromed finishes - bellissimo

Rouleur picks - commute | The most versatile bag ever

That point where your pockets are no longer enough but you don’t need an entire backpack is where the Bellroy Sling comes in. With two sizes, the Sling is the perfect choice for your middleweight carry needs. A water resistant outer fabric made from recycled bottles and clever touches like a magnetic strap buckle means this bag is never out of its comfort zone.

Rouleur picks - anywhere | Shades that perform on & off-bike

It will be no secret that we’re a fan of Anvma from Alba Optics. This classic style paired with high-performance modern lenses in a package weighing 22g is difficult to pass up. They are our go-tos for the everday, riding off-road or even pounding the pavement - when the mood takes us

Rouleur picks - carry | The cardholder that does it all

If, like us, you’re not one to carry cash on your ride, then you’ll certainly want something durable that will stand up to the abuse a sweaty or rain-soaked rider can dish out to a wallet. The Molecule Card Holder from Pioneer is a champion for resilience, a reinforced, waterproof fabric, slimmer than leather and with a 10 year warranty

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