Le Col women’s summer jerseys: The Desire Selection

A focus on technical gear often seems the reserve of winter, when finding the right kit to keep the elements out is the name of the game. But getting the balance right for a summer jersey can be just as important depending on what type of riding you want to do, especially as the summers get ever hotter.

Sure, the luxury of a summer cycling wardrobe is that you can maybe look at design over function when the weather is warm because you’re not trying to shield your body from rain, wind, and cold – but if you can combine both form and function, why not? 

Luckily, Le Col offers a range of not only hyper stylishly-designed summer jerseys, but also a fit, style, and fabric for every occasion. 

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Pro Air – the warm weather favourite

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One of the newest additions to Le Col’s offering is the Pro Air. A true combination of style and function, this jersey offers four new designs incorporating hypsometric cycle maps of Mont Ventoux, Passo dello Stelvio, El Angliru, and Monte Grappa. These aren’t ugly souvenir jerseys but truly stunning and eye-catching designs that make you want to wear the jersey even if you’ve never even been near the climb. 

On the technical side, the Pro Air is an extremely lightweight jersey, using a highly porous Open Weave 3D mesh fabric that is designed with temperature of up to 40°C in mind. That also makes it extremely light, cutting those vital grams for hill climb obsessives. At the same time, it still offers all the features you may want, including silicon grippers and three rear pockets accompanied by a zippable valuables pocket. 

Sport Jersey II - the most comfortable jersey

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If you like the Pro Air with the Monte Grappa design, but aren’t getting on a plane to Italy to try it for yourself any time soon then the Sport Jersey will offer the style bonus without the super lightweight feel. The Le Col factory is at the base of the Monte Grappa climb and to celebrate the brands’ origins the brand has released their Sport Jersey in the same design.

The Sport is Le Col’s most relaxed fit and uses a soft fabric that offers a looser feel than most jerseys, alongside the jersey’s flat-lock seams that makes for a highly comfortable jersey. Alongside the slightly more durable exterior, this is a jersey for long miles in all elements.

Hors Categorie - the premium jersey

Shop Hors Categorie If you’re looking to really splash out on a premium jersey, complete with the most advanced materials and most painstakingly intricate finish, then look no further than the Hors Categorie. A solid 200gsm fabric means the jersey is thick enough to protect against rain and wind, but with enough breathability for extremely hot days in the mountains too.

Made with four-way stretch polyamide material that is both flexible, elastic and soft to the touch to allow for comfort and easy movement against the skin.

The Hors Categorie jersey comes in five different colourways and includes some impressive finishing touches such as a debossed logo and colour matched trim as well as a waterproof pocket at the rear. 

Naturally, there’s no guarantee that it will make a Hors Categorie climb any easier, but it never hurts to feel and look good while you’re doing it.

Le Col x McLaren Project Aero - the fastest women’s jersey

Shop Le Col x McLarenIs aero everything? Considering that by any estimate your body accounts for 70% of the aerodynamic drag you face while cycling, and aerodynamic drag is the main thing that slows you down, it seems to be the vast majority of everything, at least. Whether you have some time trials or road races lined up over the summer, or simply want to blast some Strava segments, take inspiration from the brains at McLaren, alongside the racing knowhow of the Drops-Le Col women’s Continental team and put on the Pro Aero jersey. 

The women’s specific fit of this kit has been developed with the pros at Drops-Le Col and has been through the full wind tunnel process, aided by input from leading aerodynamicists at McLaren. Air tripping on the chest and sleeves will make you go fast, while debossed, double sublimated logos mean that aerospace engineering will still look stylish.

Pro Eco - the most sustainable jersey

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Cycling is an environmentally friendly form of transport, but sustainability issues within the clothing industry are now widely known and cycling kit is no exception. If reducing the carbon footprint of your new kit is top of your priorities then the Pro Eco jersey offers a more eco-friendly option. Made from recycled ocean plastics to produce 100% sustainable lycra yarns, fabrics and trims, the Pro Eco jersey delivers breathability and comfort. Even the zip teeth are made from recycled plastic bottles. 

The heavy focus on having a low environmental impact doesn't come at the cost of performance, though. Part of the 'pro' range, the Eco jersey is designed for the fastest days on the bike, with the fit being informed by Le Col's professional athletes and tested at the highest levels. The Pro Eco collection is a great way to support sustainability without having to suffer a loss in speed or style.

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