Introducing the MET Estro Mips

MET’s latest model offers a little more ventilation and a lot more helmet for your money

It’s nice to pretend we always race along at a pace high enough to make aerodynamics the most substantial concern. However, even the pros have occasions where they can’t maintain maximum speed over the entire parcours. Thinking particularly of long and demanding days in the mountains, Met’s new Estro Mips helmet is designed for extended rides and offers ventilation optimised to work even at the lowest speeds. A welcome accoutrement for anyone that’s found themselves unendingly pushing a boulder up a hill in the midday sun; this makes it better suited to the majority of rides currently recorded on my bike’s computer.

Slurping in the air at whatever speed you find yourself travelling, the MET Estro Mips majors on ventilation. Featuring 26 vents, 17 of these let in air, while nine let it back out. Aiming to keep your head cool and comfortable, the helmet’s Safe-T Upsilon retention system is also designed to accommodate a wide range of head shapes. Seeking to sidestep the round/oval dichotomy, craniums of all varieties should find comfortable lodgings while avoiding pressure points on the skull itself.

A bit more helmet for your money

Of course, besides looking good, keeping you cool, and smoothing airflow, a helmet’s main job is to look after your head. In two ways, the Estro goes above and beyond. First, it employs the MIPS-C2 brain protection system. This yellow slip-plane layer between the helmet and the head of the wearer allows it a degree of movement that could reduce concussive forces in the event of a crash. Secondly, the helmet extends further to provide additional coverage for the back of the head and temples.

Providing increased protection and peace of mind, the helmet’s polycarbonate shell fully encloses these extended areas. Not only does this look very slick, but by ensuring none of the interior EPS foam is exposed to the prevailing conditions, it should also render the helmet less susceptible to accidental damage.

Launching in November, the Estro Mips will sit as a more accessible option alongside the firm’s lovely top-end Trenta 3K carbon, as worn by Tadej Pogačar, and the more aerodynamic Manta and Rivale models.With recent launches and updates across its lines, you can get up to speed with all the latest developments at MET by visiting their stand at Rouleur Live in London. An ideal opportunity to see if one of its helmets could be the perfect fit, the show runs between the 4-6th November. More information and tickets can be found here.

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