Hunt’s 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheels: First Look

Designed in Sussex and raced across the WorldTour, Hunt’s 60mm rims are more than half as wide as they are deep

In our latest issue, you can read an interview with aerospace engineer Luisa Grappone. The lead designer behind Hunt’s latest Limitless Aero Disc wheels, these newly released 60mm deep versions are the third pair in the firm’s line-up.

Soon to be bolted onto the bikes of the Qhubeka Assos WorldTour team, the time she’s spent testing them both virtually and in the wind tunnel has lead Hunt to claim they’re among the fastest in the world.

Backed up by a publicly released white paper that’s sure to appeal to time-trial nerds, key to this ability is their radically wide rim width. Made to be used with tyres around 25 to 28c across and featuring a 21mm wide internal width, the exterior of the rim is built out to a huge 34mm.

Designed to minimize drag by helping airflow stay attached longer as it passes over the rim, this is achieved by using a proprietary co-moulded low-density polymer along the side of the rim.

Light enough to keep these tubeless-ready wheels down to just 1,669 grams a pair, they’re aimed at racers looking for both speed and stability on fast courses.

While the brand’s Limitless width technology and construction features throughout the range, the 60 Limitless Aero’s profile was designed from the ground up to match the rim's depth rather than simply carrying over from its shallower siblings.

Built-up with the brand’s FastEngage Sprint hubs and aerodynamic Pillar elliptical spokes they can be ordered with either CeramicSpeed or standard EZO bearings. Available to pre-order via Hunt’s website, they’re due to arrive in April, just in time for the first Grand Tour of the season.

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(Photo Credit: Alonso Tal & Rupert Fowler)

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