First Look: Specialized Power Pro with Mirror saddle

With new titanium rails rather than carbon, the new Power Pro brings 3D technology at a more affordable price point

Since its inception, Specialized’s innovative Mirror technology has made saddles more comfortable for both amateur and professional riders alike. The technology involves the addition of a 3D-printed complex lattice structure to the top of the saddle which is said to be better tuned to reflect a rider’s anatomy. The recently released Specialized Power Pro with Mirror is the third saddle that the American brand has produced with this technology, the others being the S-Works Power with Mirror and the S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror.

However, it is the first saddle with the Mirror technology that doesn’t come under the S-Works range. This means that, at £290, the new Specialized Power Pro is slightly more affordable than its S-Works siblings. Of course, with the decrease in price comes a few notable changes to the structure of the saddle.

The first of which is the switch to titanium rails from carbon. While this adds extra weight to the saddle – the Specialized Power Pro is roughly 60 grams heavier than the carbon equivalent – it does give the saddle a more robust base. Specialized describes the saddle as “the strongest Mirror ever”, meaning it’s suitable for off-road and trail riding as well as on the tarmac. It also significantly reduces the overall production cost of the saddle.

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The Mirror technology itself is the same as in Specialized’s previous two saddles with Mirror: a 3D printed polymer matrix composed of 14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes, each of which can be tuned individually for sit bone comfort. Moving away from the traditional foam material used in saddles, we found the Mirror’s lattice structure to be supremely comfortable. While saddles are, of course, subjective, the 3D-printed structure seems flexible enough to reflect the anatomy of most riders. The two different size options, 143mm and 155mm, also help to find the perfect fit. The Specialized Power Pro saddle with Mirror is slightly longer than the original Power shape, and with a more rounded shape at the back.

With the release of the new Power Pro, the California-based company also is continuing to make steps towards its reclaimed carbon process, whereby materials can be recycled almost indefinitely without losing their properties. With carbon being one of the most difficult materials to recycle, this is a positive step towards Specialized reducing its environmental impact.

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Saddles are one of the most difficult, and crucial, things to get right for cyclists everywhere. Comfort around the sit bones is key to an enjoyable bike ride, as well as an important factor in ensuring that one of the body’s most sensitive areas remains healthy and isn’t bruised or damaged. With Specialized trickling down its Mirror technology to more affordable saddles, they are beginning to offer some of the most innovative and high-tech solutions to saddle discomfort to a wider market.

However, despite coming in at roughly £100 less than the S-Works Power saddle with Mirror, the Specialized Power Pro still has a hefty price tag. We’d like to see if Specialized can continue to make this tech even more accessible by adding in more entry-level saddles featuring Mirror.

On our first ride, we were impressed by how quickly the saddle moulded to the anatomy, despite how firm it felt at first. The central recess greatly reduced pressure on sensitive areas while the material was grippy and helped to hold a solid aerodynamic position over long rides. Tested on a four hour excursion, we felt the saddle remained comfortable throughout. When compared to the Specialized Power saddle without Mirror tech, we could feel a slight improvement in comfort, but we’re not sure if this was so great that it would warrant an additional £200+ spend.

The Specialized Power Pro with Mirror is available to buy now on the Specialized website.

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