First Look: MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS helmet

Using carbon technology, MET's new helmet is now lighter and safer

Maybe you didn’t recognise MET’s Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS helmet without Tadej Pogačar’s signature puff of hair peeking out through the vents. Yet even without the defending Tour de France champ’s errant locks, the Trenta 3K looks like a winner, a helmet ready to claim podiums — or at least a personal best or two.

It’s proven protection already, after all. Pogačar and his team-mates have already ridden it to victory this season, and undoubtedly more success is to come. The helmet itself is built around 3K carbon technology — a carbon fibre cage embedded into the EPS foam. This reduces the foam’s density by 20%, making the Trenta 3K extremely light (225 grams, size medium) without sacrificing energy absorption capabilities. 

Inside of that engineered shell, you’ll find the MIPS Air system. It’s the lightest system available, and it provides 10-15mm of movement to protect your head from rotational forces in the event of a crash or impact. It’s integrated right into the padding of the Trenta 3K carbon.

Speaking of the padding, only 30% of your head will be in contact with the padding and helmet. This allows better airflow through the 19 vents strategically positioned throughout the design. The NACA vent at the front of the helmet allows air to flow in, pushing warm air out through the massive exhaust vents at the back. It creates constant airflow but doesn’t create drag.  

MET even thought of cooling while your head is in different positions. The Flat Rear Deflector is inclined at 25 degrees, which optimises the airflow through the helmet when you’re riding in the drops. And of course, the helmet’s overall shape is aerodynamically optimised with a Kamm-Tail shape to keep you going fast. 

The final touches: a handy sunglasses port to stow your shades out of the way when you don’t need them; and more importantly, the Safe-T Orbital Fit System that snugs up around your head and allows for occipital adjustability for the perfect fit.

The Pogačar Puff Port comes naturally to the helmet. Note: Tour de France-winning hair not included.

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