Comfort seating: fi’zi:k Open White saddle

What is Team Sky on? People have been asking that question a lot recently, haven’t they? Well, one correct answer would be the new fi’zi:k Open White saddle.

It’s another first for the brand, which hasn’t had an anatomically cutout design in their range, until now. Riders spend loads of time on the bike, in training and racing, and this sizeable gap in the middle is designed to eliminate pressure “down there”. 

It might take some other professionals a little persuasion to try out the Open White as they can often err towards the traditional. That is until they retire.


Ex-pro, author and cookie connoisseur, Phil Gaimon, created a social media storm by posting a photo of his new saddle with a gap in the middle so vast you could fit a whole, ripe banana through it. His retort on his YouTube channel “Phil’s Garage” was, “I’d have to wait an hour or so before I could have sex. With this guy [his new saddle with a cut out] I could have sex immediately – in the feed zone…” 

You get the idea. 

This new Limited Edition Open White saddle is constructed with a carbon reinforced shell, K:ium rails and has a Microtex cover and it’s available in regular and large across the range: Arione R3 (as shown), Aliante R3 and Antares R3.

If you’re thinking of the Open White saddle, be sure to add to some white bar tape to the order. You’re welcome.





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