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Edward Pickering – Editor, Rouleur magazine

Edward graduated in French and Art history from Leeds University and spent three years teaching English in Japan before returning to do a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism at Harlow College, Essex. He worked as a staff writer at Cycling Weekly and Cycle Sport magazines, before becoming Cycle Sport's deputy editor. He was Procycling magazine's editor between 2015 and 2021, and became the editor of Rouleur in 2022. He is the author of The Race Against Time, The Yellow Jersey Club and Ronde, and he spends his spare time running, playing the piano and playing taiko drums. He would like to spend more time reading, studying Italian, cooking, cycling and gardening, but he's a full-time dad taxi for two teenage boys in Exeter, where he lives.

Richard Windsor - Digital Editor

Richard first worked in sports journalism alongside studying at university, initially writing and reporting on football as well as cycling. He abandoned starting a master's degree to take up full-time role at Cycling Weekly, where he ended up working for almost nine years, six of those as Digital Editor. As well as cycling, Richard also works as a writer in news and politics for The Week. He joined Rouleur in May 2022 and leads all of the digital editorial activity.

Rachel Jary – Staff Writer

Rachel spent three years racing full-time in Belgium, trying to fulfill the dream of becoming a professional cyclist. At the end of the 2020 season, she reached the conclusion that she was better at writing about races than competing in them and joined the team at Rouleur. She still likes railing it around local crits and track leagues in her spare time, and hopes to explore more of the world on two wheels.

James Startt – Staff Photojournalist

James got his start in cycling—both as a racer and photographer—while getting a Masters degree in art history at Indiana University in the 1980s. Having moved to France in 1992, James is a veteran of more than 30 Tours de France, and is the author of Tour de France/Tour de Force: A Visual History of the World's Greatest Bicycle Race, and co-author of Shut Up, Legs! with Jens Voigt. His cycling photography has been exhibited in some of the finest galleries around and he was awarded a gold medal in the 2021 World Sports Photography Awards. Joining Rouleur in 2022, James covers both the competitive side of the sport, along with its history and culture, with both words and images. When he is not traveling, he plays with The Hypnotiks, a soul-funk band in Paris, and rides his bike in an effort to stay in shape for his next trip on the road.

India Paine – Editorial Assistant

A cliché lockdown cyclist, India found her love for life on two wheels during the pandemic. Going from zero to 100, she dived headfirst into the cycling community and hasn't looked back since. Having studied magazine journalism as her master’s and previously worked on an engineering and technology magazine, she now has her foot in the door where she can mix her two passions of cycling and writing.

Alessandra Bucci - Photographer/Italian Country Manager

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Alessandra started her career as a graphic designer. But it was after she moved to England in 2014 that her passion for photography started to grow. After finishing her studies, she started working as a sports photographer in London, focusing mainly on cycling because “it’s been always part of my life”. She hopes to continue developing her style, creating successful and creative content to help Rouleur grow (and maybe one day shoot an international cycling event!).

Jade Chen - Content Creator/Social Media

Jade is the keystone of our work reaching new audiences on platforms such as Bilibili and Red in China. She sources content and puts it together into digestible videos for our varying audiences and languages. If you ever see a video from us, you can be sure she had a hand in it. She is quite new to the cycling world so be sure to say hi if you cycle past - or 做人嘛最重要的就是开心 for our Chinese speaking readers.



The unsung heroes who make Rouleur fly. 

Ben Ward – Commercial Director


A long-termer, having done a bit of just about everything for Rouleur at some point. Considering the consistency with which Ben is nursing some sort of injury, he would have saved himself a lot of heartache by not working in the cycling industry. Now however, he is rediscovering the joy of cycling through his children, simple movement and low expectations.

Kelly Daunt - Commercial Account Director



Kelly joined Rouleur in 2021 having worked for a number of years for Cycling Weekly and then Cyclist. Kelly leads on the majority of Rouleur's commercial partnerships in both print and digital. For more information on working with Rouleur, contact Kelly at kelly@rouleur.cc


Jonathan Larkworthy – Financial Controller



Jonathan grew up in Watford and then spent five years in Manchester, three of which studying Neuroscience at the University of Manchester. After a brief stint in sales and a briefer stint travelling the world, Jonathan trained as a Chartered Accountant at HW Fisher. Since leaving practice he has worked at Bethesda, part of the Microsoft Corporation, and is now Financial Controller for Rouleur.


Ken Pritchard - Events Manager


Ken is an Events man. From Motor Shows to exhibitions; product launches to music events; awards dinners to... Rouleur Live! Having started his career in marketing for big blue-chips, Ken began specialising in events and has since organised the complete range of shows in both the UK and abroad, large and small. So when the chance to run the premier event in one of his passions, cycling, came up - well there was no debate, and he joined Rouleur in 2022. When he's not running shows you'll find him either on his bike, at a gig, writing another book or operating the bubble machines at his beloved West Ham.