Gebas and Leyva ravines, a Murcia western

Who would have thought that in Murcia, in the South-east of Spain, you could find yourself in the setting of a Hollywood Western?

As we ride along on our gravel bikes, we stumble upon one of the most charming, attractive and surely unknown environments in the whole Iberian Peninsula. Located to the west of the Sierra Espuña mountain range, the Gebas ravines (Barrancos de Gebas) are a very peculiar formation of badlands, land that has been eroded by water and wind throughout time due to the lack of vegetation, filled with gullies, ravines and canyons that resemble a breathtaking lunar landscape. 

We explored this area of 2,271 hectares, which extend between the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia and Librilla, by completing two circular routes: a total of 80 kilometres and more than 2000 metres of accumulated elevation gain, in which we discovered two of the jewels of the route: a magnificent turquoise body of water, the Algeciras reservoir, and the steep stone wall of Leyva ravine. 

For this route we rode X-Tour and X-Grip from MMR bikes and we're dressed by Gobik, a clothing brand also based in that region of Murcia.  

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